Random # 127: The Glimar Man's Fargo Truck

The Glimar Man, AKA Robi Glimar, is a mural artist and the owner of this magnificent Fargo truck, photographed in Hobart's historic Battery Point on a late autumn day.  It's been a common sight in and around southern Tasmania for several years - one that's been on UMPH's radar quite a while.

It's a difficult vehicle to categorise.  Is it a restoration?  Sort of but not quite.  A rat rod?  That's underselling it a bit.  A hot rod, then?  That's probably going a tad far ... .      

There certainly isn't any pretense about the truck's finish; the unapologetically rough-welded and riveted front guards, coupled with the matte black paint job, are both rugged and practical, as well as lending it a hint of ... street cred (?).  The magnificent grille, seen above, puts UMPH in mind of Sigourney Weaver's Alien nemesis.   

There are, however, enough original features to keep even purist Fargo fans happy.  Other than the previously mentioned front guards, the…

Readers' Photos # 8: Suzuki Mighty Boy!

To be brutally honest, the Suzuki Mighty Boy wasn't all that mighty.  It had a tiny little motor and a tray that would barely fit a Chihuahua, let alone a proper dog (and what else are utes for, if not to cart your faithful hound around in?).  So why are they so darned cool?  
This one, photographed in inner-city Hobart, certainly captured local architect Mark Drury's eye.  It must be a design thing.

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Random # 126: XM Falcon Sedan (a Different One)

There has been a bit of a resurgence in very early Ford Falcon sedans in Hobart lately, as evidenced by Random #s 110 and 113 (;postID=3428718156552971041;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=33;src=postname &;postID=3511760530567353664;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=24;src=postname, respectively).  There are also a smattering of similar era coupe, convertible and ute variants in and around town.  UMPH has spied at least one very tidy green station wagon that he's yet to capture, too.      

The XM sedan shown here continues the trend.  The panels, paint and chrome are all first rate, as is the interior.  However, a couple of things suggest that it might be a bit of a sleeper.

Easily the biggest giveaway is the ominous-looking scoop protruding from the car's bonnet, with its cen…

Random # 125: FB Holden Sedan

This red-hot FB Holden sedan is an old-school bomber in the mode of the fabulous EH featured in   
It's in really good nick with straight, rust free panels, a tidy paint job and nice chrome.

The mags and deep-dish sports steering wheel are right out of the 70s, which really suits the car because that's when Holdens of this era were at their most affordable, were still plentiful, and quite likely to get the souped-up treatment.

It's also running a floor change shift which, if the gear knob is to be believed, is a four speeder.

And those eye-catching flames ... ?

They're just icing on the cake!

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2017 Picnic at Ross

It appears that bad weather - or the threat of it, at least - deterred quite a lot of people from attending the Post Vintage Car Club of Tasmania's 2017 Picnic at Ross.  That's a pity, really; there wasn't any rain, it was quite mild and the cars that were on display were truly fabulous.

There was the usual showing of Aussie greats from Ford, Valiant and Holden, as well as cars from Italy, Britain, Germany, France and the USA.  However, there weren't quite as many Japanese marques as UMPH might have expected, with fewer Mitsubishis, Toyotas, Mazdas and Datsuns than in past years.