Bugatti Club Australia's Victoria & Tasmania Tour, March, 2017 (66 Photos)

UMPH was thrilled to receive a tip-off that the Bugatti Club Australia's 2017 Victoria and Tasmania Tour was making its way down Tasmania's east coast, en route to the historic former convict station at Port Arthur, approximately one hour's drive south east of Hobart.  What else could he do but load Upper Middle Petrol Hound into the X1/9 and head down there to meet the participants, camera in hand?

This first Bugatti is actually from New Zealand and was being driven by a friendly, and knowledgeable, fellow from Vanuatu.  He told UMPH that despite its looks, it's not the more famous Type 35 Grand Prix racer but is a two-seater that was always intended to be a road-going car.

He further explained that the straight-eight engine, seen below, is actually two four cylinder blocks that are connected to, but aren't actually part of, each other.  At least that's what UMPH thinks our friend said (if anyone can better describe how the engine/s are configured, please feel f…